The Morphological Box

The Morphological Box was devised by Fritz Zwicky in the 60’s for complex, multi-dimensional, non-quantifiable problems. It allows for relatively fast iteration of multiple configurations, elimination of impossible combinations, and assessment of possible ones for desirability and viability.

A morphological box for bomb shelter configurations:

The Product Vision Diagram

I’m usually a fan of simple & sweet thinking tools but Dan Schmidt’s product vision diagram certainly intrigues me because of it’s quite ambitious approach. Despite its many elements, I find it making sense on a lot of levels. Broad in its scope, it investigates the economy, society and product possibilities working together as a dynamic system. Enjoy!

Four Actions Framework

Blue Ocean Strategy is probably no stranger to the strategy-minded, but in my view the book has one thinking tool that’s useful over the others. This is the ‘Four Actions Framework’.

It’s a simple way to think not only about what you should create, but also the things to reduce or eliminate in order to get to a new value curve. I find this useful also because it scales nicely from business to feature level.